Adept Films Inc.

Adept Films Inc.

Adept Films Inc.Adept Films Inc.Adept Films Inc.

Excellence in Independent Filmmaking 

Adept Films Inc.

Adept Films Inc.

Adept Films Inc.Adept Films Inc.Adept Films Inc.

Excellence in Independent Filmmaking 

About Us

Telling Stories That Need To Be Heard

Adept Films Incorporated, is committed to bringing a greater level of excellence to Independent Filmmaking. Producing meaningful content, at times on documentaries, and subject matter few are willing to tackle.

We are committed to being a catalyst in discovering new talent in the television and movie industry. We made our films & television projects a gateway for aspiring talent and crew. By always providing at least 20% of our production crew are apprenticeships. Providing hands on training, for the next generation of television & movie makers. 


”Mr. Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips is an accomplished Movie Producer, with several successful films to his credit. He has diligently worked to Produce the movie: Resurrection The J.R. Richard Story. A film about one of Houston’s hero’s and former Astro: J. R. Richard...He was directly responsible for employing hundreds of Houston residents, and allowing them the opportunity to pursue their dreams of acting, in addition to greatly adding to the business community in Houston. I give the highest gratitude & recommendation to Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips”

Shelia Jackson Lee 

Member of U.S. Congress

”Ben is not just a talented Producer/Director, he is my friend and brother of over 21 years”

David Ramsey

Arrow - Television Series

“I have confered the honor of Colonel, Aide-de-Camp, on the Staff of The Governor of the State of New Mexico to Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips”.

Bill Richardson



Current Projects:


A 2 hour documentary about the makings of The Church of God In Christ. An Organization started in 1896 by Charles Harrison Mason, the child of freed slaves.  The Organization grew from its humble origins, to become the largest black evangelical Organization in the World. In over 100 Countries, and having millions upon millions of members. Critics  have called this movie: “The most significant movie in the entire history of The Church of God In Christ”.

”A Royal Loss” The Prince Truth Documentary* (In Production):

A detailed look into the death of one of music’s greatest icons Prince, sharing little known facts concerning his death; so that hopefully anyone responsible or complicit in his death, will be held accountable. But it is also a reflection by Celebrities, Friends, and Fans, to this endearing entertainer, who has touched the hearts of million Globally. Honoring his memory and his musical legacy.
*In association with A Royal Loss LLC; & Right Angle Filmworks Inc.

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